Welcome to Mass Agasthya

Mass Agasthya ayurvedic hospital welcome you to the world of authentic and traditional ayurvedic. Here you can benefit from traditional ayurvedic, Kalari, Marma Chikitsa, Cupping Therapy, Accupunture and Yoga treatments. Ayurveda hospital set in a resort ambience to provide ayurvedic treatment kalari and yoga training for in person and patients from all over the world. it is located kottapadi and kavungal 2km near famous tourist destination in the state of kerala located malappuram.

Mass Agasthya is really an evolution over the decade researched and developed in alternative integrated treatment modalities for sports injuries, orthopedic disorders, arthritis, obesity & nutrition and various disease affecting bone & spine. We are the first unique sports medicine, physiotherapy, sports biomechanics fitness training, and sports massage sports nutrition and sports psychology.

Our Specialities

Mass Agasthya ayurvedic hospital treatments which is based on the fact that injuries to sensitive or vulnerable points on the body quickly affects the health and vitality of a person and some cases prove to be fatal too...

Ayurvedic Sports Medicine

Mass Agasthya ayurvedic sports medicine is intended to manage the health issues of the sports men in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in sport injuries, thereby helping them to enhance performance. Treatments which is based on the fact that injuries to sensitive or vulnerable body points on the body which quickly affects the health and vitality of a person and in some cases prove to be fatal too.

Well Facilitated

Malappuram, Kerala is one-of-its-kind of a holistic space, which heals you internally and externally with traditional and authentic Ayurvedic therapies, treatments and medications along with Yoga and Meditation
A team of well qualified physicians, masseurs and assistants work together to cure diseases associated with Spinal disorders & Joint disorders, all kind of Prolapsed disc (IVDP), uterine , bladder , Anal and ever increasing lifestyle diseases.

Treatment for Sports Injury

Innovative integrated approach of treating injury with modern scientific diagnosis techniques and management by sports medicine principles by using new generation ayurvedic medicines and massage creates miracles in various kinds injuries like tennis elbow, heel pain,tenosinovitis ,groin injury, long lasting patellar tendinitis,supraspinatus tendinitis could be with shorter duration of time.

Humen Friendly Treatment

Internal medicines used are pure herbals tested documented by clinical trial for acute and chronic toxicity and proved safety (dope free) for long use without any hazardous side effects is later advantage of the integrated treatment. The are Knee Injury, Shoulder And Arm, Back, Hip & Thigh, Ankle Lower Leg, Neck And Upper Arm, Orthopaedic Disorders & Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Geriatric Care, Marma Therapy, Yoga & Meditation, etc...

Kalari, Yoga Treatments

Kalari Massage Therapy is originated in northern Kerala as a scientific system to strengthen a warrior physically and mentally in order to face any kind of difficulties. This massage with herbal oils is applied according to a person’s body structure and nerve points in order to enhance mind-strength, joy, physical capability, health and flexibility of muscles by stimulating nerves and nerve points with herbal oils.

Pizhichil (Lymphatic Massage)

This system is an effective drainage system for detoxifying the body from bacteria and toxins. Congested lymph pathways can cause soreness. Aches pains and flu-like symptoms. The Pizhichil massage helps to clear the channels of circulation. Pizhichil is a procedure developed in Kerala, which gives the effects of both Snehana and Swedana. It is considered as Keraliya Panchakarma Techniques.

Happy Customers

She could able to won medals in National and Asian athletic meet by Opting Ayurvedic integrated sports medicine from Daisman, before that had done lot of treatment for my ankle injury, but all were failure, I could practice and perform my record performance after relieving my ankle injury which was agonizing me for the last 1 year.

Mayooka Jhony Student